31 March 2009

Kuching Shopping and Music Excitement

I suppose when it comes to shopping, ladies will do it very well. Men tend to pick whatever they see nice without thinking further but ladies will consider many things before buying them. However, spending time to accompany my wife shopping is something that I don't mind to do. While my wife do the shopping, I usually help her to entertain my son so that, she can focus on her shopping. Sometimes, seeing my son's behaviour at shops made me laughed. Take for example,

My son loves it very much when it comes to the shoe/sandals section. He will keep on touching every shoes / sandals that he see and will say "wow, nice shoes/sandals" or he will say "This is a shoe / sandal".

And when we buy our groceries, he will ask to be seated inside the trolley and will start to arrange all the items inside. He will consider the trolley as his world.

I noticed that my son loves music. He has the word "Song" in his vocab. We bought him a guitar before and he still like it. Now, he likes to see any drum instruments which include this native drum.

Dum Dum Dum...

Well, which one does he want to be? A drummer or a guitarist? Let him decide in future.

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amieyalen said...

so cute your anak in that trolley... how i wish i boleh juga dlm that trolley... tak perlu me berjalan time shopping...hehehe

ask your son jadi guitarist... cm edry hashim... so cute!!!! :D

Willie said...

Amiey > Heheh...jadi man kidal boleh?

mama belian n cengal said...

luckily he still like to be inside the troley.... later later he will pick his keropok lah, coklatlah, vitagen lah, kok krunch lah into the troley... he he he

Sara said...

add to MBC komen..

kemudian die taknak duduk dalam troley dah... prefer to berlari-larian all over the place. capai itu ini.. nak pilih toys sendiri... pening..

BJA said...

HII Bro, good news bro, ur son has interested in playing drum, so let him learn from now so as to replace the out going youth in future.

lvynana said...

good boy la ur son.

Dee Loner said...
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Dee Loner said...

aaa...sapa cakap lelaki tak fussy when it comes to shopping? my current bf, even my exes, all are like very long winded when it comes to shopping.(especially the current one la)... once, very recently actually, we went to buy a watch.. One shopping complex, 3 watch shops, 8 hours!!!!Just to buy A watch... I kid you not!

beli baju pun sama. kadang2 beli groceries pun, mami! lamanya! nasib baik i penyabar..

yr kid is very active la. sampaikan susun barang inside the trolley. soooo cute la.. i think he thought of those as his LEGO thing kot. :)

and good to see he's picking up music at a very tender age. who knows he could be like MOZART hujung tahun nie. tapi main drum la.. wah! gempaq tu.. :)

March 31, 2009 1:56 AM

Hamidah Mohamad said...

So in future your son should be given enough opportunities to explore and tap his talent.I know of one person who grew up to be a doctor,when he was a boy the first toy that he picked from a toy shop was a stethoscope.

Chel Rinj said...

be the next, Slash from guns n roses,or jimi hendrix..hehehe

Audio said...

Nang rajin you bro eh. Ada harapan jadi Bapa Mithali tok eheh XD

Samantha said...

Ask Willie Junior lol which instrument(s) would he like to learn. Bet it can't be just drums or guitar ;)

Willie said...

mamaBelian > I think that will happen soon.

Sara > PEning aku kalau dia dah start berlari. Hahahha

BJA > He will.

Ivynana > hopefully he mantains that way.

DeeLoner > ahaks! Kena tukar bf ni.

Hamidah > i see...if that's the case, I will buy him a NASA plane so that in future, he will become an astronaut.

ChelRinj > Maybe...hehe

Audio > Thank u thank u.

Samantha > Who knows , he can play piano too. Hehehe