02 April 2009

It's Complicated!

Geee... It is complicated. My father bought this Gundam Zaku Sniper for my nephew, who is just 3 years old as a gift. I think my father had mistakenly bought it because he thought that this Robot is a ready made robot, without knowing that it need to be assembled first. I seriously think a 3-year old boy will not be able to do it.

Well...first, look at these parts. There are hundreds of them to be assembled and they need full extra attention in order to avoid confusion while assembling the parts.

And secondly, one need to know how to read this plan and also understand Japanese language. Hehehe

Therefore, I offered him my service and took it home. After hours of assembling this Zaku Sniper... the result is as below.

From the back first...jeng jeng jeng

Shooting Style:

Posing for the camera:

Checking the weapon:

It is complicated. If you don't have the passion to assemble Gundam, forget about buying it. My only worry is, if I return this to my 3-year old nephew, does he know how to appreciate this? Arghhhh

Note : All photos were taken by willie. They did not come from any other websites.

18 Reptozian Messages:

designationjazz said...

Hahh!at last after 6 months kept in the box... It's really complicated. Even I dont have the eagerness to assemble it before this. Don't worry the Zakui will safe, keep in my office! he he..

LEon said...

Welcome to the world of Gundam modeling. You did a great job.

Don't give it to your nephew. The small part maybe dangerous to the child if he eat it...

Willie said...

DesignationJazz > uih? Bapak pulak yg suka?

Leon > agreed.

Mysterious Witch said...

hihi, amazing eh...

I'll really need to try one and assemble on my own... haha

erolnukman said...

hahaha..last bapak budak pulang suka..hahaha!
brapa rega ya bro?
aku minat sbenarnya benda2 camtok..

amieyalen said...

hahaha looks complicated!!!! i won't be able to gather it all... :D

Willie said...

MysteriousWitch > You ushould try. Hahaha

erolnukam > Beli jenama BanDai (original from Japan) Budget is around RM50 to RM90.

Amiey > It is complicated

nicksuneo said...

toys.... waaaaaaa

Willie said...

NIck > Uwahahahaha

Audio said...

EKekeke sayang eh. Abis laa hancur gundam ya oleh your nephew klak ekekee..

sharon (^.^) said...

Right now no..
But next time yes..

Bb Hussain said...

wow..really complicated. i think i need a week or a month to assemble it since i don't know japanese language..heheh..but the pictures u've taken are sooo good..

Cyril Dason said...

Not really into these kind of things, but yeah.. it looks really nice. Congras!

SiMpleSmArtErMe said...

Owhh..this is wht so called Gundam..
You can add some LED and so on..let the gundam walk on its own.

Willie said...

Audio > Apa boleh buat.

Sharon > Cheers!

Bb > maybe a year? Hahahah

Cyril > Hehehe...different people with different interest.

SimpleSmarterMe > And maybe i will let it talk and eat too. Hahaha

GregChai said...

congratulations, i'm not into assebling tiny parts but this is cool bro.

journey adventure said...

you achieve 3 dreams:-
1. you are able to assemble zaku sniper.

2. you get to play with it ...first

3. you are able to take good photos out of it.

SiMpleSmArtErMe said...

Talk and eat ??
That sound scary lahh...HAhAH..