28 April 2009

Paintball Roadshow, Kuching, Sarawak

Paintball? I was wondering what paintball is about until I had the chance to witness the game itself. They had this roadshow and demo in Kuching. Got the chance to interview the marketeers.

Me : So, what game is this?
Guy : A shooting game.

Me : Shoot with what?
Guy : With this. A Rubber bullet or a paint bullet.

Me : I see. Are those shirts for paintball? (pointing at shirts hanging on the the canvas)
Guy : Yes, but you can still wear your own shirts, preferably long sleeves and thick.

(Conversation cut short, in case readers will doze off /fall asleep).

The ? to test the paintball game.

To keep bullets.

The guns.

The booth.

Well...no further comment, as I am not an expert in this.

14 Reptozian Messages:

Hazel said...

look fun, the games..

khairul onggon said...

Willie... hehehee... Nak mukak Studio Photo kah?? wowoww... best eh.. Willie, mun lah mena dirik mok guna system Sony, eboh meli A350, sabar jak sikit coz A800 nak kluar tats mean A700 will drop price.. A700 nang excellento pun alhasil gambar... Build for Pro even kita bukan pro hehehehe..

Tp mun nak mukak studio, pakei jak sistem Canon atau Nikon... Lom ada gik org yg berhati kental mukak studio guna sistem Sony.. Sebab alasan sidak MAHAL!! hehehehe.. Gud luck bro..

cyril dason said...

paintball is an expensive sport. wish it was cheaper.

AmirFX said...

Dirik dah jadi reporter juak ka kinek tuk?! buleh lah bergabung ngn sidak i love kuching...

Kris and Nadia said...

wah.. nice.. i wanna try it later :) tgu ada masa lu :)

designationjazz said...

ermmmm... luks fun but i still prefer to counter striking in da pc he he..

amieyalen said...

Looking forward to play paintball again.... been tried it before... and it was AWESOME!!! it's fun!!!! :D

casper said...

u shud try willie..its fun but tiring..

Ms Tikot's said...

Wah, game tok nang best jak rupanya. Tapi i think, sakit juak maok mainnya. Bila knk tembak sakit juak aih. I saw my cousin kenak tembak pakei paint ball. Biru juak tangannya. Tapi best giler...

Willie said...

HaZel > Hopefully it is fun. I've never tried it before.

KhairuL > Dah bukak pun.

CyriL > I'm not sure about the price.

AmirFx > Aok. Mengalahkan newspaper. asyik jak cerita tension di newspaper.

Kris& Nadia > I'm sure it is quite popular in Sabah too.

DesignationJazz > hahahah. cheaper right?

Amiey > U tried before? Good...

Casper > Why tiring? Because of the running here and there?

MsTikot > yup i heard it is a bit painful.

AngeL BeaR said...

ok..just a little bit 'correction' to some terms about paintball:

1 - the equipment that we used to shoot the paintballs are called 'markers' not guns because once upon a time, long ago, in a land far away... the first paintball marker was made. It was invented for the logging & agricultural industry. They invented a paintball marker to shoot paintballs with real paint at trees to mark the trees they wanted to cut down (or save, I don't know which) or mark their livestock like cows. The "gun" was used to "mark" trees, so it was called a "marker". Guns on the other hand are used to kill things. Paintball markers are intended to mark the people eliminated from the game. A paintball marker is not used to kill anything.

2 - the proper term for 'bullet' is 'pallets' or 'paintballs'. The ones we used in the game was made with a gelatine shell filled with water based food colouring (washable and non toxic if the paint goes into your mouth thru the face mask). Paintballs that scattered on the ground is no longer re-useable because its sensitive when exposed to open air (after a long time), heat, or contact with sand, dirt or water.

3- in general, paintball is a shooting game..that offers more - team building, skills, leadership and more..and we are trying to spread the awareness to the public that paintball is more than just 'a shooting game' but the benefits from it.

4 - The cylinder shaped container thingy that is used to put the pallets in it were called 'pod', and the straps where the pods were placed is called 'harness'.

Just a little insight about paintball feel free to check my old posts at:



just my 2 cents worth of opinion from an Paintball Referee =p

Bb Hussain said...

hi willie..u look like reporter..hehehhe..but it's good..
i never have a chance to play paintball..but if i play , i'll hide all the times..afraid to be shoot..hahahah..

Willie said...

AngeLBEar > Thanks. I guess when they explained it to me, they just used Laymen terms, so that it will be easier for us to understand it.

BbHUessein > ME too. Hahaha

nur enjel said...

yala ...aku pun hide juak la...takut .... hehe