22 May 2009

Photowork at Home

Hi there, today I wish to share some more tips to photo enthusiast out there. But then, feel free to comment.

The first photo is taken with Nikon D60. Shutter 1/13, f3.8 , Matrix Metering. In this photo, I just used a simple background which i think is nice. The background is only a cheap mattress i bought few years ago. I think, for baby photo, try to use a cute looking background.
The second photo is taken in the dark. Shutter 1/3 , f6.3, Spot metering. The light source is from a torchlight. But torchlight is not suitable to use on face except for small object like this.
Happy exploring to all photo enthusiast!

3 Reptozian Messages:

Kris and Nadia said...

hihi.. nice try.. :) i dun have camera wif me now, so cannot camwhoring ..huahua

amieyalen said...

Cute for the first picture... And nice shot for the second pictures... Good job!!

Willie said...

Nadia > Thanks...errr...why not buy one? Ask Chris to buy? or a handphone camera?

Amiey > The baby is cute right? Hahaha