24 June 2009

Gambir Market Kuching

Oh wait! before I talk about Gambir Market, let me appeal to you first. I have signed up for MTV Blogger contest (my first time joining online contest). I need bloggers (who are not competing) to vote for me by clicking on the thumbs up sign. Please.... Click here to vote.

I paid a visit to the old market, which was located in Kuching Centre (Gambir Market). I heard from people that the city council had a plan to restore this place so that it will become one of the tourist spots. However, the plan was forgotten due to the high mantainance cost of this building.

Gambir Market was very popular among Kuching people. However, the city council had to relocate Gambir Market to Stutong Market, Tabuan Jaya, because it polluted Sarawak river and it caused massive traffic jams there, especially in the morning. The decision to move Gambir Market was very brave, as many people were unhappy about it. However, I did not know why, the sellers finally agreed to move to Stutong Market.

Since the place is now abandoned, it becomes an ugly sight for Kuching people. I found lots of rubbish there and not to mention, that place is already vandalized. I guess, it is now a favourite place for any unhealthy activities.


Here's a suggestion for photo enthusiast out there. I know many of us enjoy taking macro shots especially on flowers. Why not try something new? Shoot plants instead. And shoot it right after it rains or if you can't wait for the rain to come, just pour some water on the plants. You can see the effect below. Very cooling and shiny! You can do this, even with your DigiCam.

Some people accused me of wasting my money for buying a DSLR, and some even said, I spent too much money on a DSLR. Is that true? For me, the real answer is...it depends on your priority or what you like to have in your hands. Take for example,
  • a gambler can spend RM2000 a month to play 4D
  • a person can buy a PDA or a 3G phone that cost RM2000 plus
  • a person can buy a laptop for RM2000 plus
  • a person is willing to travel here and there and pay RM2000 plus for the air ticket and hotels.
Now... a DSLR also cost you RM2000 plus. So, if you guys can spend on all of the above, then, buying a DSLR is possible. Just make it your priority and you will get one. As for myself, I don't gamble, I am not into laptops and its accessories, I am not into cell phones...so? I buy a DSLR. Hehehe..possible right?

Now, the latest update. Canon, has come out with a new DSLR, EOS 500D. It has a few distintive features. Many people are proud that EOS 500D has 15.2 Megapixel, bigger LCD screen for live view and HD movie recording. Other features include, 18-200 lense kit. The price in Malaysia is still reasonable. It is selling at RM3,6++. If you guys want a camera and a video, this is the DSLR that is worth buying. Better than buying an expensive phone that has a camera. Hehe... think about it.

(Photos taken from http://www.dpreview.com)

25 Reptozian Messages:

amieyalen said...

u're trully right about those who cakap you spent too much for SLR...huhuhuhuh btw, have not been there for a long time... one month i guess... :D

Si Penconteng said...

1. I've voted for you!
2. Gamba daun ya kacakkk.
3. Kamek mok kemre Canon! Aaaahh.

Mysterious Witch said...

I really like the picture of the leaves. Reminds me of my office mate. He's really into this kind of thing. He can capture a really nice pic even with only a digicam. Hehe...

Willie said...

Amiey > Not worth going to the old market. Quite smelly too.

SiPEnconteng > Thanks! Mun da rezeki, beli gi. Jgn buang masa.

Mysterious Witch > We can take good photos with Digicam. That's for sure.

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

hi Willie, am so agree with you about the priority thing. it's up to ones own liking. its what satisfy you, right?

btw, voted for you. all the best!

Ms Tikot said...

Gambar pakei SLR nang kacak.

Bb Hussain said...

i've voted for you..all the best..

yea..agree with u..everybody has their own priority and they have right to choose them..

Mei Teng said...

I like the comparisons you've made on purchasing a camera vs spending money on gambling etc etc.

Not going to the extreme with spending on the camera is important too as it's the photographer that makes the photo and not the necessarily all the expensive gadgets (although having the basic equipment is necessary).

Nortehanon said...

Wow, congratulations on your new toy! I'm sure you'll be taking lots and lots of interesting shots with it.

I love the first shot. First and foremost because it is in black and white and it looks raw. Rural pics always appeal to me =)

designationjazz said...

Yeah u'r right, everyone hv their interest. Like me, im willing to buy an xpensive RC car. I already bought 2 electric guitars for the sake of my interest in music!.. Lantak lah org nak cakap apa kannn..

Willie said...

Elcynthia > Yup. We all have our own priority.

MsTikot > No Doubt!

BbHussain > Yes. They should not make hasty remarks on people's choice.

MeiTeng > U r right.

Nortehanon > Thanks. I like black and white photos too.

designationJazz > Hahaha...

lvynana said...

My hubby will opt for laptop, me, I'll go travelling, RM2k or more..dont care, as long as I can go jln.

lina said...

everyone's got their own interest. Being wasteful or spending too much on things we love is very personal. To each its own. Right?

Willie said...

Ivynana > That's what I mean. We can get anything we want as long as we prioritize what we want. That's why I said, do accuse people of overspending on something.

Lina > You are right! Do not judge people on their personal preference.

Merryn said...

eh, how to vote? just click the thumbs up isit? if that is so, i've clicked.. :D

Ivy Metaga said...

wokey kmk akan vote utk ktk

Samantha said...

Dear Willie you so are getting rated thumbs up from me! *huGs* All the best. Gambir market? hmmm lol~

Mummy Gwen said...

I've voted for you already. ;) I know of a few guys who spent alot on SLR too..haha..

Wah...take photos of plant also can turned out so well..you are good. I'm planning to get a digicam..is the Samsung ST50 good? Samsung good meh?

foongpc said...

Ooh, thanks for the tips on taking photo of the plants after rain! Will try it out.

Btw, I have voted for you : )

Willie said...

Merryn > Yup. Dats the way to do it. Thanks.

IVyMEtaGa > Thank u very much.

Samantha > Hehehe...thanks!

MummyGwen > Samsung is one of the best digicam u can get. As long as not BenQ.

FoongPc > Thank u.

rainfield61 said...

Wah!! Such a fan of Canon. I am using Canon 1000D which is good enough for me.

cdason said...

Im into phones, and laptops.. so that'sdouble for. As for cameras, I just feel that a point and shot camera is what i need.


Ai Shiang said...

Is Gambir Market the one at the old wet market? They took down the whole place? Wow, I am imagining it right now. If they put up a tourist spot that means it will "sambung" from the Waterfront right? That might be very pretty sight indeed!

Willie said...

Rainfield61 > I like Canon but I am using NIkon. Funny Isn't it?

Cdason > U r right. If it is not your priority, u don't have to spend money on it.

AiShiang > The old market is still there. I'm not sure what they are going to do with it.

Becklee said...

The Gambir market sure looks run down.