18 June 2009

Living By Principles

Everyone in this world live by their own principles (not principal..hehehe) I couldn't imagine living in this world without a set of principles. Here are some of my principles which I call as the principle of "do's and don'ts"

Forsake your faith.
I believe that I am God's creation and that I should always belief and trust in Him. I should always nurture my faith and ponder upon His words.

(Revd Joshua and Andrew from Korea)
(Thanks to the two of them, who flew all the way from Korea to visit our church to strenghten our faith)

Neglect your family
Love your family with all your might, strength and mind.
(My family means a lot to me...my loving wife and obedient son)

Destroy our nature
Protect our nature
(The flowers near my house. Do not destroy the nature intentionally. They are God's creation)

17 Reptozian Messages:

Si Penconteng said...

Mena ya oh. Dahlah orang nektok makin sik lalek ngan suma ya...apatek gago ngan material dunia. I'm not an exception nor am I perfect, so I try to keep on the right track regularly lah. I hope.

Ms Tikot said...

Yea right...Btw... gambar bunga ya kacakkkk...

BigGirl said...

hi willie
if u sudi amiklah award kt my blog

Kris and Nadia said...

wawa... sya masi blum ada certain principles lagi.. is it working?? emm.. shud try it tho :)

Merryn said...

u hav a beautiful family there willie. appreciate them n take care of them well. :D

blinkky said...

I like this article. Really made me thinking =)

Ida Athanazir said...

kacak foto flower ya!

adorable family pic & great 'reminders'! thanx

Willie said...

SiPEnconteng > Kita hidup mesti ada prinsip bah. Cobalah k?

MsTikot > Bunga tok memang best walaupun di tepi longkang.

BigGirl > Why not. Thanks and lots of hugs for you. Hehehe boleh ker hug?

Willie said...

KrisandNadia > Working. Why not? Try them..hehehe

Merryn > I will. Thanks.

Blinkky > Glad it helps you to think.

Ida > I'm sure you love your family very much kan? I know this from your blog. You guys such a loving family.

Big Momma said...

u are a loving man urself!!!

Bb Hussain said...

i agreed with u willie..we need to live by principles.

Willie said...

BigMomma > Thanks.

BbHussain > I'm sure you have your own principles too. Right?

lina said...

That is definitely a good principle to live by.

Awesome flowers you have near your house. Lovely shot.

Ayie said...

Having a wonderful family is a very good reason to live for =)

Willie said...

lina > Thanks

Ayie > True

Ssembonge said...

I concur with the order of your principles. Faith, family, friends and flora/fauna.

cdason said...

I agree with all these principles!!