23 June 2009

SideSwipe Transformer and Digicam Noise

Wow! I'm excited to see this new transformer - SideSwipe- bought by my friend, Mr. Adruce. It looks like a destination jazz in Tranformer's first movie. Personally, I prefer car than airplane. That's why, I am less interested in Decepticon geng. Anyway, if you want to see more photos of SideSwipe, please visit my other blog - RobotZone. I really can't wait to see Transformer-Revenge of the Fallen on 24th June 2009.
(In car mode)
(The Robot)


Noise? What noise?
Were these people down here making loud noise? Oh no! Definitely no...I know many bloggers are using Digicam to take photos, and I think it is fair for me to talk about DigiCam too since I was a Digicam user before. Well..I did take a lot of good photos using my digicam, but most of them had to go through photoshop.
Look at the photo above. If you click on the photo or if you observe the photo carefully, there are thousands of dots on the photo. This is what we call as digital noise. Obviously, noise produce images that are not sharp and poor. Digicam has this kind of problem especially when taking night photos. Now, here are some solutions:

  • Take photos in the morning or afternoon (That's why I rarely bring my Digicam at night)
  • If your digicam has a manual function, set the ISO from 100 to 200 only. In a low light condition, usually people will set to higher ISO. But then, hgher ISO tend to produces higher Digital noise. There isn't anything to be proud of when a digicam has ISO1600. Hehehe, just my opinion.
  • At night, use flash light. You do not have choice anyway. Because, without flash, your photos will most likely to be blurred and dark.

Adapted from Digital Camera Magazine - July 09 Issue
Simplified by Willie
Photos from : www.samsung.com

Introducing to you the new Samsung ST50. Selling in Malaysia now for RM999.
ST50 introduces 11 scenes modes which best suit environment the user maybe shooting in, such as the landscape, potrait etc. It has face detection, smile shot, blink detection and beauty shot technology that will improve results and enhance images. ST50 has 12.2 megapixels resolution and it can capture video at maximum resolution of 800 x 592 (SVGA) with 3 times optical zoom.
(This camera is light and slim. Easy for us to bring it anywhere)

11 Reptozian Messages:

Bb Hussain said...

Thank you Willie for the tips..I didn't know that higher ISO will produce more dots..I thought it will produce better photos.

Willie said...

BbHussain > Higher Iso is used for night shots but it risk photo quality such as the "noise".

ladyviral said...

Wow. The Robot rocks! I love Transformers! I can't wait to watch it hee~

Thank you for dropping by my blog :) and commenting! It is much appreciated :D

Zatil said...

Thank you sosososoooo much for the tips! Gamba kamek nang mudah nak kenak dotdotdot tok. Geram eh. Pi I didn't know how to change the settings--I'm pretty bad at it. Thanks, Will!

lina said...

Only know about noise recently. :D

Great info. I've just started reading Digital Camera magazine, in the hope of understanding digital cameras better and hopefully own a DSLR in the near future. FIrst, have to take good photos with the camera I have now! :)

erolnukman said...

masa mula2 makey slr dolok suka nar aku makey ISO sampey 800 ya..hehehe

SiMpleSmArtErMe said...

ehh..nih macam promote digi cam jer.

Btw, for digi cam I like sony. Rasanya the pic capture better..

What say u?

Ayie said...

cool! that's a nice car to have for collection, nice cam too!

Willie said...

LadyViraL > I started to love transformers too.

ZatiL > Leraning takes time.

Lina > U can take good photos with DigiCam. No worries.

ErolNukman > ISO tinggi utk DSLR atau SLR sik bermasalah gilak. Ya kelebihan DSLR / SLR

SimpleSmarterMe > Most brand are okay. It always depends on how you set the camera and also the environment.

Ayie > Yah. I think i want to collect transformers too. Currently, I am collecting Gundam Robots.

Ayie said...

my bro is in gundam too =)

cdason said...

Don't really know much about the ISO thing. I just take photos sukahati... but the main prob with digicams is when it comes to night time. I envy night shots by DSLRs.

Other than that, I think digicams are doing well and very convenient.