10 August 2009

How is PTD M41 Test Like?

Few weeks ago, I filled in an online SPA form to apply for a government post. "Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik" (PTD) or Admin and Diplomatic Officer, was my last choice. However, I was called for the test on 8 August 2009.
I bought the Pengajian Am (General Studies) book but did not really managed to finish reading it. True enough, this time around, there were many political questions. Probably some of you might be interested to know, what the questions were.

So I would like to share them (the ones that I can remember) here since there's no rule saying that we cannot share the questions to public.

1. How many years can a person be a DUN member?
2. After the Parliment is dissolved, how many days should a re-election be done?
3. What authority does a Dewan Rakyat has?
4. For what reasons can a member of the parliment be expelled from representing the people?
5. What are the requirements to be a member of parliment or Dewan Rakyat?

Malaysian Law
1. If there is a dispute between the federal and state government, which court should they go to?
2. Who have the authority to revert a death sentence?
3. The Agong is a religious leader of which state?
4. Who can ammend the Malaysian law?
5. What is the function of "Majlis Raja-Raja"?

Computer Knowledge
1. What is a RAM?
2. What is Windows?

1. What is the best way to measure economics growth?
2. During inflation, what should the government do?

General Knowledge
1. Which film does Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee acted?
2. Who is the great Malay writer?

Well...other paper, such as Malay and English essay writing, Mathematics, and Reading comprehension.

Overall, I think the test was difficult. I didn't manage to answer the Maths question well because we were not allowed to use calculator and the time given was too short.

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cherie said...

all very interesting, willie! i should like to know the answer if and when somebody answers them... thanks!

Big Momma said...

well, what an experience! kalau aku pun sama, memang fail....lama sik muka buku2 kedak ya..

betchai said...

am sure these questions will be helpful for those who are planning to take similar test, wish you well.


most of my friends said it was tough to sit the PTD test. best of luck!!! :)

Mysterious Witch said...

I received the letter for the test as well but I didn't go... I go last year and failed... Lols... :p

lvynana said...

Proud to say that I can only answer 2 questions, RAM n windows :D, boleh lulus tak ;)

Willie said...

Cherie > I do not know what's the answer. Only they know.

BigMomma > Me too. Syllabus form 6 ya.

Betchai > The questions usually change. But then, they will give the others some idea of what to expect.

CtNoramiza > IT is tough. Thanks

Mysterious > If you went there, then we should have met.

Ivynana > Hahaha...anyway, you are in govt already right? So tak yah pening kepala.

chegu carol said...

A friend attended the interview for the PTD M41... out of 10, only one get through the interview. All because the other 9 didn't manage to answer one simple question, "Where is the Prime Minister at this moment?"... It so happened, PM was outstation that day. PM's where about will always be informed to the rakyat via radio or newspaper. Obviously, the nines didn't listen to the radio lah that particular morning :)

Merryn said...

Alah Willie! Senang kacang! .... I know NONE of the answers! Hahahahaha..

Merryn said...

Ivy, my house has lots of windows... RAM.. is it a rock group? Hmm..

AmirFX said...

nang susah juak soklan sidak ya... mun aku alu balit pas sengah jam duduk d sia...

eugene said...

sorry, very sorry,i know nut about the question but guess what i do know a few,,,,, i wonder what have those answers got to do with your post of PTD...

hey,do let us know if you did get the job, or if you did, ask for transfer to Penang,lah,, nice place you,,,under PR now, so good,seriously one, Lim Guan Eng very good, 100 x better than that Tsu Khoon, ask me i know,for i am truly a penangite,no more no less

Willie said...

CheguCarol > I guess, it depends on luck and these people are choosy. Hahaha

Merryn > Hahahaha...u shud study then.

AmirFx > Ada ku asa mok balit. Tapi sik kempang hati.

Eugene > I know Penang is good. But then, I am a Sarawakian, I will prefer my own hometown. Heheheheh

kaiserstan said...

Pengajian Am books is not enough, you must get the Malaysia Kita book published by INTAN. I never read the book but most people read the book pass the test. I don't have problem at other sections except SAHSIAH it's quite 'something' because SAHSIAH can ensure whether we pass the test or not even though you excel in other sections. One tips for the Mathematic(consist of logic and analytical) you have to answer it quick and SMARTLY. Believe me, you can finish it if you know the right method to answer it. I salute those who is selected and appointed as PTD...
This post needs a good general knowledge in almost every aspects and their task variable according to Ministries or Agencies that's why there are many differents type of questions.

SiMpleSmArtErMe said...

1. What is a RAM?
2. What is Windows?

--> I can only answer 2 Question. Confirm I will FAIL the test..

HAHAH.. So.. I should not apply as PTD.

Good Sharing..Willie!!

designationjazz said...

waahhhh... so tough huh bro.. Anyway believe in yourself and i'm sure U can get over it..All the best!

Willie said...

Kaisertan > I see. I will look for that book if i have to resit the test.

SimpleSmarterMe > Just try your luck la kan?

DesignationJazz > yup. I wish other people blog about it too...so that others can benefit bro.

Cikgoo Jasz said...

Well before I become a teacher, I did attend the test for three times as was force to attend the test by my mum.

The test I guest is easy if you read the whole Malaysia Kita book and also if you can count faster. The only thing I dont like the test is it take one whole day. Kind mentally tortured.

Hey but if u get ptd, u will become somebody and cepat naikkkkkk pangkat. Pak Lah is a PTD

misty said...

I hope you made it!

Samantha said...

o man... it's quite a shame for me not to know how to answer some All the best and ganbatte in getting the job you wanted.

Marlene said...

I wish you luck with the result of the test. To be in a government post is a selfless act of offering service to the people.

I'm fascinated with the chairs. They're look colorful!

cyrildason said...

well, best of luck.. You never know coz if you find it difficult, others must think the same =D


Mei Teng said...

How come you're thinking of working as a PTD?

I don't want to sit for tests anymore. Went through so many of those in the past..enough oredi.

casper said...

its not easy bein PTD..the test is only the beginning..2 of my close friends are PTD so roughly I know how they work..neway willie gud luck k..hopefully u will get the post

Ayie said...

wow, so much questions!