10 September 2009

Times flies very fast. It seems like yesterday we had our son in our arms. Now he is turning into a boy and is more adventurous. for the past few weeks, I notice that he begins to explore his physical ability and talks to us a lot. Because of his cheerful behaviour, I could not miss any days without him around. His voice is just like the sound of music and his home activities keep us occupied all the time. No wonder, after work, the first thing that I look forward is my son.
(He is doing a balancing act. One of his physical ability exploration)
(Turning his head to look down and to evaluate his distance from the floor)

6 Reptozian Messages:

Hazel said...

aiyo, so active, be careful coz can be falling down

Big Momma said...

bila nak berinya adik... he he he

Coffee Girl... said...

Oh he's getting to be such a big boy now? what else did I miss Willie?

Merryn said...

he's cute! :)

Willie said...

Hazel > Ahaks. Boys will be boys.

Bigmomma > HEhehe...sabar

CoffeeGirl > His cuteness?

Merryn >Thanks

Ayie said...

i can tell how dear you regard your son because you take great pictures of him...with much deeper feelings