22 September 2010


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Dear readers and friends,

I have migrated to a new domain called reptoz.com. From today onwards, please visit reptoz.com.

Thank you.


19 September 2010

Which Batteries Are Recommended?

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It is true of what people say "learning is an on-going process". When I bought an Olympus digicam two years back, I was happy that I was given a pack of rechargeable battery and a charger called "KEEP" for free. However, after a month, the KEEP batteries started to deteriorate causing me to doubt its quality. I asked my friends about it and most of them told me that Keep is indeed a poor brand.

Before becoming a photo enthusiast, I always assumed that a good battery should be an Energizers battery. And oh well, again, most of my friends warned me that Energizers do not last long and sometimes, if we are unlucky, we might buy the fake Energizers. I guess Energizers batteries are popular because if its aggressive TV marketing and not really because of its quality.

Many photographers recommended me to purchase SANYO batteries for my flash. They said SANYO are the experts in batteries. So, I started to purchase SANYO batteries since that day. The old version looks like this:
And the new version looks like these:
Trust me, These batteries perform so...............good! They last longer and can be recharged up to 1000 times. The eneloop batteries can be found in many photo shops and now even some computer shops started to sell it too.

And finally, if you want SANYO batteries to be recharged fast, please purchase the eneloop charger.

16 September 2010


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Oops! Sorry! Just temporarily inactive. Since the author of reptozian online is a teacher. He is on long holiday (2 weeks) . Will visit your blogs soon. No worries. I'm still alive.

Happy Blogging everyone!

06 September 2010

Dato Sri Micheal Manyin Ak Jawong

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I was very fortunate to be appointed again as the official photographer for a VIP event. The first time was Datuk James Masing, the second time was Datuk George Chan and this time was Dato Sri Micheal Manyin Ak Jawong, the Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communication. Getting the right photos as not to embbaress the Ministers is important.



I also wrote to the Borneo Post about this event and thanks to Georgette Tan for publishing it. To read the news I wrote, please click here.

02 September 2010

A Simple Prayer

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Dear Lord, Give me strength To face turbulence in life,
I know life is not a bed of roses, I know that devils are like roaming lions, But Lord, equip me with your full Armour, and listen to my prayers...Amen.

Sorry guys, some things are best kept secret. Just feel likes writing my prayer in black and white.